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Delivering Best Practices in Prevention and Community Risk Reduction (IROL) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) providing web-based Prevention and Community Risk Reduction services and solutions for: Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), Service Providers (SP) and Property Owners/Occupants (PO).

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Third-Party ITM Reporting and Deficiency Remediation: Data-Driven, Community-Minded

Known as a best practice in Prevention and CRR, IROL's Third-Party Reporting assists in tracking and driving code compliance of fire and life safety system inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM).

Combined with our customized deficiency remediation process, notifications, and access to real-time data, this solution delivers a robust database of buildings that contain systems, types of systems, and the readiness of systems. The end result will improve fire and life safety efforts for both property and people.

Inspector's Reporting and Preplans

Going GREEN has never been easier or more affordable than implementing IROL's web-based field reporting options for your Fire Prevention Bureau. Providing the ability to complete occupancy inspections in the field, capturing preplan information, tracking violations, and having access to readily available data will help streamline your department's efforts.

IROL's Preplan Program also allows occupants to submit real-time data and information regarding their location. Need more occupancy outreach? Check out IROL's Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessment Program.

Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessments

IROL's Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessments provide the ability for business owners/occupants to complete an assessment regarding the overall conditions of their building and updated occupancy details and information such as contacts, phone numbers, emails, usage, and more. Going directly to the source, there's no better way to increase engagement, education, and overall fire and life safety responsibility.

Additional Services and Solutions

IROL's additional services and solutions include Inspection Performance and Risk Mitigation Management for Service Providers and Property Owners, API/Data Sharing Capabilities, and Customized Programming. For more details, please Contact IROL.


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