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IROL’s service to our customers and the solutions we provide are driven by the desire to increase communication, compliance, awareness, and response. We offer a range of fire prevention, risk reduction, and life safety solutions.



Through our relationships, IROL has developed and continues to develop the most innovate solutions that impact the roles we all play in fire and life safety. Below are samples of the solutions we provide. Contact us to learn more information or to schedule a demonstration.

  • Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) Compliance and Review Program provides real-time data and direct communication regarding the conditions and readiness of fire and life safety systems (i.e. fire alarm, sprinkler, engineered, pumps, doors, etc.)
  • Fire Inspector’s Reporting and Pre-Plans offering an easy and innovative way of performing inspections in the field and capturing occupancy pre-plan details and information.
  • Service Provider Field Inspection Reporting provides the ability for inspection companies to use IROL as a standalone inspection solution out in the field.
  • Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessments provide the ability for Owners to perform and submit directly to the AHJ. Owners are 45% more inclined to take action when given the tools or resources to do so. This is a great program helping departments gain a wider perspective of the hidden threats within their community as well as increase the Owner’s awareness and response regarding the fire and life safety conditions of their buildings.
  • IROL offers additional solutions including, but not limitted to Rental Registration, Fire alarm Regisrations and other related programs. Our platforms offers a wide range of opputunities for each entity.

IROL is committed to providing exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers and partners. With the IROL way, we:

  • Put our customers first
  • Strive to provide advanced technology and improve our services and solutions
  • Listen, learn, and grow with our customers and their needs
  • Offer service and assistance 24/7
  • Value timely responses to phone calls and/or emails
  • Respect the differences in each organization, how they operate and their specific needs
  • Love what we do and want to make a difference for your organization and improve compliance in your community!