Authorities Having Jurisdiction

As an authority having jurisdiction, the reliance on data and information regarding the dangers lurking within the buildings in your communities is paramount to mission success. When you struggle to prioritize responsibilities, are unable to collaborate with key partners, and find that your current processes are too time-consuming and costly, it’s time to implement the solutions IROL provides.

FD image Services and Benefits for Authorities Having Jurisdiction

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  • Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) Compliance and Review Program provides real-time data and direct communication regarding theconditions and readiness of fire and life safety systems (i.e. fire alarm, sprinkler,engineered, pumps, doors, etc.).
    If time and resources are limited, this platform includes a qualified member of IROL’s team who assists in the overall management and initial communication regarding submitted ITM reports. It’s like gaining an inspector or administrator without the cost.
  • Fire Inspector’s Reporting and Pre-Plans offers an easy and innovative way of performing inspections in the field and capturing occupancy pre-plan details and information. This program includes an off-line iPad application. Contact us today for more information.
  • Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessments provides the ability for Owners to perform and submit directly to the AHJ. Owners are 45% more inclined to take action when given the tools or resources to do so. This is a great program helping departments gain a wider perspective of the hidden threats within their community as well as increase the Owner’s awareness and response regarding the fire and life safety conditions of their buildings
  • Rental Registrations are another risk throughout many communities. IROL offers the ability to capture required information on rental properties or occupancies. These forms are completed online by the Owners/Landlords and submitted directly through IROL’s platform.
  • Fire Alarm Registrations provide another solution to assist in the reduction of false alarms throughout our community.


  • No to low cost options
  • Provides an easy and effective platform connecting and engaging the entities involved in prevention and community risk reduction
  • Provides real-time data and direct communication
  • Builds awareness and response regarding the conditions of the buildings within our community
  • Reduced time and costs associated with current processes
  • Increased productivity (operations and prevention)
  • Increases community and firefighter safety
  • Automatic notifications
  • Secure data and storage
  • Efficient implementation