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  • Provides a platform to communicate with the entities involved in fire prevention
  • Assists in prioritizing efforts in regards to fire protection systems and annual safety inspections
  • Builds awareness and educates building/property owner on NFPA and City/State Standards
  • Provides immediate notifications of non-compliant locations
  • Ability to generate service and revenue for both fire department and service provider

Service Provider:

  • Provides a platform to communicate with local/state AHJ and/or customer (Property Owner)
  • Provides an innovative inspection program eliminating the need for traditional software and hardware and costs associated with those
  • Creates an easy and efficient way to share, track and update required inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) reports
  • Allows access to reports, data and information 24/7 using any device
  • Ability to generate service and revenue

Property Owner:

  • Provides a platform to communicate with your hired Service Provider(s) and or local AHJ
  • Access to any inspection report for one or multiple locations 24/7 from one secure location
  • Creates a sense of compliance for required inspection reports for both local AHJs and/or insurance purposes
  • Provides immediate notification of non-compliant locations, upcoming and past-due inspections
  • Ability to use IROL as a complete inspection management program including Annual Safety Assessments (i.e. Self-Inspection Reporting)
  • Learn more about all IROL’s features, benefits and programs by Contacting Us today!

Each entity who registers is given an IROL ID Code (for example, a Property Owner/Occupant might be PO11111). These codes link the reports from the Service Provider to the Property Owner/Occupant and the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Only registered IROL users will have ID Codes. Tutorials on how to use each site are on the dashboards along with a user guide. IROL also offers training sessions in-house or via a join.me session on the web.
“In the cloud” is just another way of saying “on the Internet”. Instead of installing software into your computer, IROL stores all of your data on a secure, dedicated, centralized server. This allows for the instant and effortless sharing of information between different entities and users, and our multiple methods of protecting your data help to ensure that nothing will ever be lost.
IROL is a web application, so the only requirements are an Internet connection and a modern web browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc... should all work without major issues. Mobile browsers like on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices should also work, however the site may not be optimized for lower screen resolutions, for example, on cell phone screens.
Using a compatible browser (see above), you can access IROL any time you have an Internet connection..
Authorities Having Jurisdiction (Fire Departments/Prevention Bureaus, State Agencies, Insurance Agencies, etc...) Commercial Property Owners (Property Management Companies, Single Tenant Properties, School Districts, Universities, Health Care Facilities, etc...) Service Providers/Contractors (ITM Companies)
Yes. Each entity (Owner, Provider, Authority) has its own dedicated dashboard. Each entity has tools and abilities specific to their user type: AHJs and Service Providers can perform, complete, submit, manage, file and share inspection reports, and POs can receive, manage, file, and share inspection reports. In short, IROL is a complete Inspection Management System for each entity.
We truly created a site based off each entity’s needs. Our Principals designed and created this site as a team, but also consulted with Commercial Property Owners, Fire Chiefs/Marshals/Inspectors, Insurance Agents, and Service Providers. Each entity can be productive, grow, and work efficiently and effectively. There are specific benefits and features for all. IROL is assisting in increasing Communications and Compliance. We want to assist in building a safe community for all. We are REAL people who listen and implement. Our site has to fit the needs of its users; and what better way to do so than by listening, asking, and continuously improving. Call us, email us…we encourage and welcome communication between our team and yours. We’re a team. We are dedicated, passionate, and want all parties to succeed.
Yes. Not only are we assisting in lowering costs associated with software, hardware, overhead, and administration for AHJs, Commercial Property Owners and Service Providers, but there are also possibilities of generating revenue into the Community.Contact Us for specific details. IROL increases: Risk Management Reduction, Record Retention, Compliance of NFPA 25 and 72 Systems (ITM), Fire Prevention Awareness, Education, and the overall Safety of a Community. In addition, having access to required data can also lead to ensuring better ISO Ratings and decreasing Property Insurance Premiums within a Community.
While we started with fire and life safety reports due to our background, if there's a need for an additional inspection we will find a way to provide it. See our Services tab for a list of currently offered reports.
Yes. We have taken specific measures to follow codes such as NFPA, IFC, ICC and other local and state codes/standards. The IROL System is adaptable and we will work with our users to make sure the reports and features we offer meet the needs of the AHJs and community.
As an Authority Having Jurisdiction, there are no costs associated with using IROL, however, there are options available. Service Providers can either pay-as-they-use, or IROL offers a flat fee. Please Contact Us for details. Property Owners have the ability to choose payment options; from a no cost solution, to a monthly, or annual plan. Contact Us for details. There are no agreement requirements for any user unless requested. If users stop using the IROL system, they still have access to the stored information. Our users own their information, not IROL. IROL does not have access to your financial information, and all transactions are secure. See our Privacy Statement for more details.
Not necessarily. First, the cost is a relatively small percentage. Second, after the initial report, IROL will save Service Providers considerable time. Subsequent reports can be started with data pre-filled from previous reports, and the original always remains archived. Technicians can view the full history of reports from the field and sales reps can also have access to full report history. Furthermore, Service Providers can benefit from substantially reduced expenses by avoiding software costs, annual licensing fees, specialized hand held device purchases, data storage, and back up hard drive expenses. Ultimately, using IROL may actually reduce service costs by saving Service Providers money!
Each case will be unique, but we believe that most SPs will not mind the fee from IROL because of the savings the IROL system brings to them in other areas. Plus, SPs who value a long-term relationship with the PO will comply with the request. Either way, the SP and PO are encouraged to negotiate to find an agreement that allows them to benefit from the IROL system.
Currently taxpayers are covering the operational costs of the departments. In this scenario, more of the cost burden is shifted to the actual entities that need and use the IROL web site.
NFPA states AHJs have the ability to receive ITM reports at no cost to the Jurisdiction through any means necessary, including electronically. Essentially, AHJs are backed by their own Codes/Standards. Using IROL can also improve department efficiency, enable better organization, and save time and money. Not to mention it’s environmentally friendly (GREEN)! IROL can also improve public and employee safety by highlighting deficiencies and improving overall communications between AHJs, Property Owners and Service Providers. Using one secure and central location also streamlines the process for everyone involved. Regardless of how many Service Providers submit to an AHJ or Commercial Property Owner, everyone is part of the same ecosystem. In addition, the IROL System is a friend to all three entities. IROL is a complete Inspection Management System. In the end, IROL has the best interests of all parties in mind and strives to be a complete solution for any inspection need.
The upfront development costs are significant and so are the ongoing operational costs. It isn’t cost-efficient for individual departments to take on the task alone. Additionally, operation expenses would offset any man-hour savings that IROL provides.
While those individual services are helpful, they don’t offer a broader solution. Receiving emails is still one step away from receiving the paper copies. Reports still have to be printed and/or saved onto in-house servers; thus taking up computer space. AHJs and Property Owners can collect information and receive reports from multiple Service Providers all through one site. IROL is a “central clearing house” and is convenient for the end users.
IROL is determined and dedicated to ensuring everyone’s security and safety. We use a high level security company. All information is stored off site with multiple backups. We are more than happy to provide additional details should you request them. IROL does not have access to any information supplied by each entity. The information supplied is only shared between the AHJ, PO and SP who are already linked and have been given the codes by each other. IROL does not offer bidding, or supply outside information to any third party. The only way IROL can contact our registered users is via email or phone but is only used for IROL updates, the sharing of our information to you, or personal business asked by each individual party.
We are still trying to ascertain the advantages of barcoding. Service Providers still need to manually enter each device when the barcode is applied. On subsequent inspections, scanning the barcode will populate the device location; however, utilizing any electronically stored report will provide inspectors with a complete device list, with or without barcodes. Barcoding is also another step and another labor cost. However if you currently use barcoding, you can still use our site. Barcoding ensures devices were scanned; it has no value in determining whether or not a device was properly inspected. IROL does allow for attachments should a Service Provider already use a barcoding system. This allows a list of devices to be attached if needed.
Extremely! Not only do we provide a tutorial on each dashboard, we also have a user guide and access to contact us directly from site for support. If you can use Google, you can use IROL.
Yes. Besides the online tutorials and user guides, we are more than happy to assist users. We can visit your place of business, or do a join.me session via web, and can assist in all steps from registration to continued use.
Yes. Our system was built to have multiple users and each individual user has their own log-in and password.
With our system, you can eliminate the use of paper reports. Service Providers can submit reports through our site to Property Owners and AHJs, who can receive and manage them directly. While you do have the ability to print, we suggest going completely paperless. Our system also has email notifications and allows users to communicate directly from site. No need to send mail, fax, scan, make multiple copies, etc..
Yes! Besides not having to pay for paper, printing, postage, faxing, time wasted due to searching, or even completing hand written reports; IROL is quick, efficient, and organized.
IROL is a proud member of many Fire/Life Safety and additional organizations. We value our relationship with each organization and continue to learn and grow for the needs of our users. IROL is NOT associated/connected with any Service Provider. Please view our Privacy Statement for more details.
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