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Fire and life safety is the responsibility of the Property Owner, or designated party. Implementing the solutions IROL provides increases an Owner’s overall awareness, engagement, response and responsibility in regards to prevention and life safety.

property owner Services and Benefits for Property Owners

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  • Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) Compliance and Review Program provides real-time data and direct communication regarding the conditions and readiness of fire and life safety systems (i.e. fire alarm, sprinkler, engineered, pumps, doors, etc.).
    If time and resources are limited, this platform includes a qualified member of IROL’s team who assists in the overall management and initial communication regarding submitted ITM reports. This program is a NO COST option for Owners. Contact us today to for more details.
  • Fire and Life Safety Self-Inspections provide the ability for Owners to perform, complete and submit a general self-assessment regarding the fire and life safety conditions of their building(s) directly to an Authority Having Jurisdiction/AHJ (i.e. fire department, insurance agency, etc.).
    This is a great program helping departments gain a wider perspective of the hidden threats within their community as well as increase the Owner’s awareness and response regarding the fire and life safety conditions of their buildings. Costs vary.
  • Rental Registrations are another risk throughout many communities. IROL offers the ability to capture required information on rental properties or occupancies. These forms are completed online by the Owners/Landlords and submitted directly through IROL’s platform. Costs vary.
  • Fire Alarm Registrations provide another solution to assist in the reduction of false alarms saving both the AHJ and Owner time and costs associated with tracking alarms. Costs vary. Please contact IROL for more details.
  • In-house Inspection Reporting allows entities to use IROL’s web platform for their own in-house inspections. Costs vary.
Property Owner Services
property owner benefits


  • Increases Owner awareness, response and overall building compliance
  • Provides one central location for the receiving, managing, tracking and filing of required inspections for any location from any hired vendor (i.e. Service Provider)
  • Automatic notifications of upcoming, past-due, deficient or critically impaired reports
  • Decreases time and costs associated with inspections including fees and late fines
  • Real-time data and direct communication
  • Insurance reductions
  • Customized programming